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The Chameleon (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

Advaith and his grandfather were walking in the areca garden. He was excited to see so many trees, specially cocoa trees. His mother had told him that cocoa beans were used to make chocolate. He loved chocolate.

Suddenly his grandfather asked him to stand very still and pointed at a small animal on one of the branches. It was light green in colour. He stared, and it stared back at him. It looked just like the dragon he had seen on the ground floor of the mall. His sister had not liked it and had cried. But he thought of dinosaurs when he saw it. His mother had read to him about them. They had lived long ago. Most of them were huge. Some ate only grass and leaves. But others ate smaller animals. He wondered what would have happened if they had still lived. For some unknown reason they had become extinct.

The little animal slowly climbed the trunk of the coconut tree. He watched with wonder as the green colour changed to brown. Suddenly it ran away. His grandfather told him it was a chameleon.


Photo credit : C E Ayr