Letter from Home-9 (#SOL- 2019)


Dear Doddamma,
Yesterday morning we went to Maikuri where my father-in-law and brother-in-law live. It takes about 2 ½ hours by car to reach that village. It is in the neighbouring state of Kerala. In 1956 Indian states were reorganised and the village where my husband’s family have been living from the first years of 20th century became a part of Kerala, it was earlier part of Karnataka. My father-in-law is almost 94. Physically he is fine. He likes to walk around in the front yard. Except for a few years when he went to study, he has always lived in this village. We returned in the evening. Last week, my husband had gone to be with his father for two days. There was also some bank work so he went on a week day.


That evening I went with Aravinda in an auto rickshaw to his college. He teaches German and the classes are in the evening. I walked back home, it takes about half an hour. Our son has retinitis pigmentosa. His laptop has a talking software and he listens to all that he has to read in the computer. But sometimes he does not get a softcopy. He got a book from the library, I am recording the chapters that he needs. I have done this many times in the past. Now he usually gets all that he wants in the internet. Technology has really helped people with disabilities.
The next day my husband returned home late in the evening, Aravinda went to the college. My neighbour and I sat in the bench in their compound and talked for a long time. We caught up with all the news 😊.   Doddamma, there are many curry plants in our yard. Last week I made chutney powder using them. I also added groundnuts. We eat chutney powder with dosas in the morning. I usually make a small quantity because I like to try out different flavours. Earlier I had made with roasted Bengal gram dal (huri kadale) and copra (dry coconut) and red chillies.
Last Sunday we attended Aravinda’s school classmate’s wedding. Many of his old friends had attended and even their primary and high school teachers. All were very happy to meet each other.


(On the way to Endpoint, these cows are returning home 🙂 )


One evening we went to the lake for our evening walk. The water level has gone down a lot. That evening the water looked very blue and beautiful. Another evening we went to the park near Venugopala temple. After walking for some time we sat on one of the chairs to enjoy the peace and the breeze too. The setting sun from behind the trees made the leaves look like a beautiful border . I met amma’s walking friend and talked to her for a few minutes. She is 74 and is keeping good health. She lives with her elder son and family. Walking to Endpoint too is satisfying.

On the 23rd evening we had our book club meeting. We meet once a month. We talk about the books that we have read. It is fun and we enjoy ourselves. Aravinda enjoys the meeting.


I had written to you about the bulbuls trying to build their nest on the tubelight. I thought they have given up but today evening I saw dry leaves and twigs on the ground. I worry whether it will be late for them to build another nest. But we can do nothing. One morning we saw a beautiful kingfisher sitting on the branches of our Parijatha tree. I took a photo but we can see the beautiful blue colour of the wings only when it is flying. When it is sitting we can see only a border.


Tri coloured munia.jpg

We also saw a bird with brown and white body and black head. It is called tri-coloured Munia. It is really very satisfying to see birds. I will send photos by WhatsApp.
With lots of love,

[My letters to my Doddamma, my father’s elder brother’s wife, have made letter writing a part of my life again. Both of us enjoy the letters. Doddamma literally means elder mother. She lives in Mumbai with her son and family. She is my favourite relative. She is 88. She cannot go out and is not able to hear well. So, I started writing to her in November 2017. Earlier I used to send a mail to her daughter-in-law, she used to read it to her. My cousin’s wife told me Doddamma enjoys the feel of letters and re-reads them often. I edit the letters and post them in Slice of Life hosted by Two Teachers. I enjoy SOL. We, bloggers live in different parts of the world. Our lives are so different but there is sameness which is fascinating. The different posts and photos bring the world to my home. Thank you dear friends. 😊]

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Letter from Home-9 (#SOL- 2019)