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The Railway Station (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

The elderly gentleman looked about him with great satisfaction. The railway station of his small town looked so beautiful. It had been fading away for years.

He remembered those days, more than thirty years ago, when life in their small place had changed forever. R K Narayan’s Malgudi Days was being made into a serial by a famous director. The book had been published in the early 1940s. Their town had been selected and transformed into that famous fictional locale. He and many others had been asked to play small roles and they had accepted without hesitation. He was a teacher and had played the part of a teacher in the serial too. They had all lived in a different world. The serial had been loved and was still appreciated. The shooting was completed and life returned to what it had been earlier. But something had changed.

Now, The Indian Railways had decided to honour the director who had made their station immortal, by naming it Malgudi. Everyone was happy. He had always dreamt of Malgudi Days becoming a part of their lives again, in some way. He was happy to see his dream become a reality.
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( Photo credit : C E Ayr)

The Railway Station (Sunday Photo Fiction)