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First Steps (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

Kavya was enjoying herself. She had come to her great-grandmother’s home for the first time with her parents and elder brother. She was just one and had started taking her first steps in her grandmother’s house. Within two months she was walking and running everywhere.

This beautiful house and the garden was a perfect place to explore the outside world. She called to her mother to open the small gate. She had seen a butterfly sitting on a flower. She ran out to touch it. But it flew away to sit on another flower. The little feet turned in that direction. But the butterfly was always out of reach. She started crying. Her mother rushed out thinking that she had fallen down. Kavya pointed at the butterfly flying away. Her mother managed to divert her attention by showing the bright, colourful and beautiful flowers in the garden.

She was too small to understand why she loved the place so. Her mother would have told her why. She and her brother used to come here during summer vacations and play with their cousins. It was a beautiful place and seemed far away from the outside world.
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First steps

( Photo credit : Lakshmi Bhat )

First Steps (Sunday Photo Fiction)