School and the bicycles (Sunday Photo fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

Asha and Usha looked at their bicycles with quiet satisfaction, parked it and walked into their school. They lived in a small village by the side of a river. In their village there was only a primary school. The high school was in the neighbouring town, four miles away. Asha’s father had walked the distance every day, to and from school. But she had heard her mother say that those days were different. Times had changed and it was not safe for girls to go alone. No one could be sure about the type of people taking note of their daily movements. It was better to take precautions instead of being sorry later.
One day she heard her parents talking with their neighbours. Their daughter, Usha was her best friend. She wondered what they were discussing. She and Usha felt the quiet excitement in the air.
One morning, after the exams, a small truck drew up near their houses. To their delight they saw the driver bring out two beautiful yellow coloured bicycles. The parents came out and the girls were too excited to speak. They stared at the bicycles in silent rapture. Their problem was nicely solved.

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( Photo credit : Susan Spaulding )

School and the bicycles (Sunday Photo fiction)



( Yellow Oleander)