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The fruits of labour ( Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

Advaith was enjoying his holidays with his grandparents. One day he and his grandfather decided to sow some seeds of runner beans, bottle gourd, tomato and bitter gourd. Advaith thought bitter gourd was not needed but his grandfather loved it. They cleared many patches in the garden and hoed them. The seeds were sown and watered. Advaith was very excited and every morning he would rush out to see if the seeds had sprouted. He said to his grandfather that he would sprinkle water many times a day and maybe the plants would come up sooner. His grandfather told him they would not. They needed time to germinate before emerging.

Then Advaith went to stay with his other grandparents. Everyday he would ask about the plants. He came back after three weeks and was delighted to see delicate saplings. He loved to look at them. Soon it was time for him to go back home. His grandfather sent photos every day. The tomato plants were the first to bear fruit. He was very happy to see the green tomatoes ripening and turning red. He wanted to grow tomatoes at home too. And soon he did. His sister joined him too.

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( Photo credit : Pensitivity 101)

The fruits of labour ( Sunday Photo Fiction)