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The Cycle of Life (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

It was becoming hotter every day. The heat of the sun was too much to bear. The land looked so parched. It was as if the rains had never happened. Last year the rains had started in June but had stopped suddenly after three months instead of continuing till November. There was no greenery in most places. The grass was looking sad and brown. It used to be so green and beautiful. This place was so special.
These thoughts filled Sooraj’s mind as he looked at all the benches at their meeting place. He and his friends always met there in those childhood days when life was free from troubles and responsibilities. They all had had so many dreams. He thought about his life. There had been so many ups and downs. He had always managed to overcome the obstacles that had come his way. He could not explain why, but memories of this place had given him strength. He believed that certain places and people could do that. Today the place looked dry and deserted but he knew there would soon be new life and the place would become green, filled with beautiful wild flowers.
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( Photo credit : Susan Spaulding )

The Cycle of Life (Sunday Photo Fiction)