Everyday Moments (# SOL 2019)


(I believe that the moments in each day make our life what it is. Of course, the unexpected always happens and whatever preparations we make, Life surprises us. Many a time, we think that nothing happens in our life, but things do happen. I started writing to my Doddamma, my father’s elder brother’s wife in October 2017. She is 88 and is not able to hear properly. I post my letter to her every Tuesday. Both of us enjoy the letters. These letters have made it possible for me to appreciate the ordinary moments of life. I edit the letters and post them as Slice of Life every Tuesday.)


I am writing this sitting in the hospital room. Three of us have been suffering from cough and cold for more than two weeks. But on the 4th night , my husband had a tough night. He had wheezing and was coughing a lot. Both of did not sleep much that night. We were worried but somehow the night passed. The next morning we talked to our doctor and went to the hospital. A series of tests were conducted and my husband was having lung infection and the oxygen level in his blood was low. He was admitted. He was in a minor ICU of the Medicine department on the 5th night. He was given oxygen. I was sitting in the waiting area.
Hospital is a different world. So much happens and does not happen there. A young man was sitting next to me. He had a worried and hopeless look. Maybe my grey hair made him open his heart to me. A few months ago his wife, who is just 36 had tuberculosis of the brain. Everything happened suddenly. Most of the time she has been in coma. It seems she had recovered once but had relapsed. This is tragic. What will happen, God only knows. Later my husband told me that young man was allowed to come in every hour and talk to his wife but there was no response.
Another person told me about his younger brother who had taken poison. He was only 26 and had got into the habit of drinking alcohol. When his parents forbade him to do so he took poison. He has been in the intensive care for more than twenty days. It is really sad. I wonder what these people will do for money. On the 6th my husband was transferred to this room. I keep thinking about those youngsters. What does the future hold for them?
The doctors on duty come regularly and the nursing staff are caring.
My son was busy conducting exams for German course that he teaches. He came to the hospital in the evening. Today morning I prepared for his lunch before coming to the hospital. We are lucky that my husband is not having serious health issues. At night when I look out of the window I can see lights in different wards. So much suffering and people waiting for it to end. Life can be so difficult.

We returned home today evening. We were happy to be back home. On the way back I posted my letter to my doddamma but I did not write all this to her. She would get worried. I just wrote to her that my husband was not well and had to be admitted and is much better now. My cousin called today morning and I asked him to tell her that we will be back home today evening.
Sudden changes in our daily life show us that we should never take life for granted.
Everyday moments

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  ― Rumi


( Wild jasmine growing on the hill sides )

Everyday Moments (Slice of Life)