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Drive to Work (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

Manohar was satisfied. All the vegetables had been sold. He put his feet up and relaxed. His thoughts went back to the days when he had had to discontinue his studies. His father needed his help in their dairy and fields. Both worked very hard. He rode on his scooter delivering milk to customers. Years passed, he got married and had three children. He wanted them to have a good education. Fortunately, they wanted to study. His daughters worked as nurses and were happily married.

His son was a doctor working at a good hospital. His son and his wife had been understanding when he told them he did not want to stop working. But now they had only two cows and milk only for a few customers. Then his wife suggested they should grow vegetables and sell the surplus He liked the idea. Every morning he supplied milk and then brought the vegetables in his cart to the street-corner. On most days he was able to sell his vegetables within a few hours. Then he relaxed and passed some time watching people before returning home.  He knew he was lucky because many of his dreams had come true.

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Photo credit : Susan Spaulding