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Honey Juice (Sunday Photo fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

One evening Advaith and his grandfather were returning home after a walk. They were passing a tree when he saw many insects huddled together on a branch. He watched with curiosity. His grandfather told him they were wild honeybees which made their hives in the branches of trees. While this was a small hive, others were big. His grandfather told him about bee keepers who make boxes to house bee hives. The bees settle there with their queen and make honey. The beekeepers collect this honey and sell it.
Advaith was fascinated to hear all that his grandfather told him but he was troubled too. He liked the taste of honey very much. He loved it with curds, dosa, idli and cold water. He and his father went cycling some evenings. His mother prepared cold honey juice for him. He loved it. His sister liked it too. She called it juice.
But after seeing the small bee hive he wondered whether they were not stealing from the bees who worked so hard to prepare honey for themselves. His grandfather told him all the honey was not taken. There was enough for the bees too. But, Advaith was not so convinced.
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( Photo credit : Reena Saxena)


( Photo from my collection 🙂 )