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The Toy makers

Sunday Photo fiction

Naveen was a toy maker. His town was famous all over the country for the distinct type of wooden toys they made. The world was changing with the internet taking over everyday life. Children were engrossed in video games. He and other toymakers were worried. Toymaking had been the main source of their income for generations. They were not qualified for any other occupation.

One day representatives of a large handicraft company came to talk with the toymakers. That company was known all over the world for its fine wood craft. They had manufacturing units in different part of the country. They asked the toymakers whether they would produce wood work of a different type for them. At first the townspeople were hesitant about making something other than traditional toys. But the youngsters knew that they had to change or their profession would die a slow death. They attended workshops organized by the company in their town and learnt to make wooden products of a different type. The company was happy with their work and promised to create a market for their toys. The toymakers had changed with the times and now they had the best of both worlds.

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( Photo credit : A Mixed Bag)

The Toy makers