Life reflections

#SoCS May 11/19

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “strain.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!
We shifted to our house in 2005 from the University campus. For the first time we have been facing water crisis. Many families have their own wells and many others get water supplied by the city corporation. We have and underground ‘sump’ which holds 6000 litres of water. We used to get water everyday but in the last two months we have getting once in three days. But today we got water after more than a week. The feeling that there will be no water has always made me very anxious and a great strain. How can we live without water?

In many parts in the northern part of our state there has been no rainfall for almost four years. People living in those places have been migrating to the cities. Our town and other neighbouring areas get drinking water from a reservoir. That has dried up this year. Many say it is because of the pattern of rainfall last year. We got very heavy rains for three months from June to September first week and water was overflowing in all rivers, lakes and dams. Then the rains just stopped. Usually there is rainfall till November. So water has dried up earlier in water sources. Many people are buying water which is supplied in water-tankers. These tankers get water from other sources, mainly from wells. I had been asking my neighbour if she knows any person who will gey water for us. We had water just in the overhead tank. She asked a relative who has three wells in his farm a little away from our place. He got the water and we filled our sump. There was extra water and we asked another neighbour if they wanted it. They wanted it. Such a relief from the strain 😊. And today afternoon we got water from the corporation too. They had started supplying water but had not stated to which places they were supplying. We dared not wait. We were a little casual about though we never wasted it but we are now very careful. The monsoon will begin only in June. Hopefully it will arrive on time. And we just hope the officials in charge of the water supply will manage better next year. No one would complain if they start rationing from January. We have got information that from now on we will be getting water once a week. We have to be careful and manage. So many constructions, so many borewells without and restrictions, is such a strain on Mother Earth. Wonder what the future holds for us.