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Everyday Moments (# SOL- 2019)


I believe that the moments in each day make our life what it is. Of course, the unexpected always happens and whatever preparations we make, Life surprises us. Many a time, we think that nothing happens in our life, but things do happen. I started writing to my Doddamma, my father’s elder brother’s wife in October 2017. She is 88 and is not able to hear properly. I post my letter to her every Tuesday. Both of us enjoy the letters. These letters have made it possible for me to appreciate the ordinary moments of life. I edit the letters and post them as Slice of Life every Tuesday.

Weather and water is the main topic of conversation in most places. The weather is very hot, actually the humidity is very high. We are getting water once a week. We got corporation water on the 16th and hopefully we will get on the 22nd. We are keeping our fingers crossed. We have learnt how to manage water very carefully. It is good that we are doing that. Today morning it rained for more than half an hour. I love the fragrance of rain touching the dry earth (petrichor).

My husband went to our village to be with his father, he will return tomorrow evening. He said it was raining in many places on the way. The plants are happy 😊.

Last week our son had slipped and twisted his foot a little. The doctor advised him not to walk much. So, we go for our evening walks and he sits to enjoy the breeze. The temple park and the Syndicate bank training college grounds and near the lake our favourite places. We are now not going to Endpoint because there are seats only towards the end. Yesterday we went near the lake, his friend came to give him company. We met friends and there was more talking than walking 😊. The water in the lake has become less. A few years ago it was desilted, the depth in the centre is about hundred feet. Now water does not dry up completely.

Yesterday my husband attended a cousin’s son’s wedding. He was happy to meet many relatives. These days we meet them mainly at functions. Visiting relatives and staying with them for some days has become history. That is life.


We have a star apple tree in our front yard. Last year we got some branches cut. Maybe because of the we got very less fruits this year. And no fruits at all in one mango tree. But there are many jack fruits. We use these fruits at every stage of their growing. We cook many dishes and before they become ripe we make dosas with the arils. Raw arils are salted and preserved. But the main problem about cutting the jackfruit is the time that it takes and the gum the sticks everywhere. We apply oil to our hands before cutting.

Last Thursday my mother and I went to our hospital for her eye check-up. He pressure is normal but she will have to have a cataract operation in the near future.
As I am writing this my mother is writing to my doddamma. Both are very close to each other. It is nice to see their relationship. My father and his brother were lucky 😊.


Everyday Moments

“Write it in your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”- Emerson

Everyday Moments (# SOL- 2019)