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A New Life (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

Ramesh looked at the dark clouds. Once there had been hope but now he was afraid to hope. For two years there had been only dark clouds but no rain. The ground looked parched and the water sources had dried up. Life had become miserable and a bitter struggle for survival. One by one people in that area started migrating to the towns hoping for a better life. The very thought of leaving the open spaces of his village and living in slums in the towns filled Ramesh with great despair. Here they had land. There they would be treated as beggars. Everyday would be a struggle of a different kind.

He and his friends did not want to leave. They decided to do something about the water resources, they had nothing to lose. They got together and started desilting the small lakes. They got help from like minded people in the capital of their state who were clearing the lakes there. They had worked hard for a year and now it seemed as if the Gods were answering their prayers and selfless work. By then most of the villagers gathered near the dry lakes to welcome the rains.

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( Photo credit : Terrie Smeigh)

A New Life (Sunday Photo Fiction)

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