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To build a Pyramid (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Sunday Photo fiction

Advaith was almost six. He loved to ask questions. And he wanted his parents to answer them. He was fascinated with space, galaxies and black holes. At the same time something earthly interested him. He loved to collect stones. His collection was quite big.

One day he saw a picture of a pyramid. His mother told him such structures were called pyramids. They were made thousands of years ago. All sorts of questions came to his mind. How were those huge stones shaped? How were they placed on top of one another when there were no machines back then? It looked as if there was nothing to hold them together. Why did they not fall down? He wanted the answers immediately.

He and his father went to the local library and borrowed a book about pyramids. Every evening his father read out to him. Advaith was excited and decided to build a small pyramid. He did not know from where he would get the stones or how he would give them the rectangular shape. It was his dream.
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(Photo credit : Susan Spaulding)