The Red Seat (Sunday Photo fiction)

Dheeraj and his friends gazed at the red seat with satisfaction. Their life had changed so much. Earlier they had attended school but had not bothered to listen to their teachers. They just wanted to have a good time. Their parents were not aware of this. The boys were least bothered when teachers scolded them.

Then, the new teacher had joined their school. At first, they had just ignored him. He was just another adult trying to change them. Days went by. They sat in his class but he just ignored them. He also told them they could leave the class whenever they wanted to and made it clear he liked to teach those who were interested. That was a new experience for the boys. They started listening to his lessons and liked what they heard. Days went by. They were learning and enjoying themselves. He understood their excess energy. The new teacher and the drawing master taught them to paint different pictures on the school walls. They looked beautiful. This inspired them to paint the seats in their school ground and just outside. The rains had started but the paint had not faded. The boys were very happy.

(199 words)


Photo credit: Reena Saxena

The Red Seat (Sunday Photo fiction)