Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #50 – Trees

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”
― Khalil Gibran, Sand and Foam



This ‘sampige ‘ tree is in the front yard of my father’s maternal uncle’s home in Madikeri.  It was planted some time in the 1940s by his son who passed away when he was only 17 due to meningitis. The flowers are very fragrant and cream in colour. 

Magnolia champaca – Wikipedia

Magnolia champaca, known in English as champak, is a large evergreen tree in the Magnoliaceae family. It was previously classified as Michelia champaca . [5] [6] It is known for its fragrant flowers, and its timber used in woodworking.
Family: Magnoliaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Genus: Magnolia
Species: M. champaca

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  1. A very grand tree, thank you for the link as well! Now I learned about the leis and Chanel no 5 too – fantastic. I have only seen the flowers, and never knew what the tree looked like. Also amazing it is that high and still getting these flowers.

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