The Chair ( Sunday Photo Fiction)

Tara lived in a big city with her parents. She and her best friend Lata loved to read books. They were neighbours. At the moment fairy tales were taking them to strange and beautiful lands where anything was possible.

In fact, their dearest dream had come true. They did not know how. One evening they had been reading about the magic carpet and the children who had wonderful adventures. The two girls wished fervently that it would come into their world. Instead of a carpet a wondrous red chair appeared in their room. They looked at it with apprehension. How had it appeared?

They walked towards it and touched it hesitantly. It was soft and firm. They sat in it. They felt instinctively that it did not belong to their world. Without realising what they were doing both wished that they could see their favourite place in the story they loved. The next moment they were in the middle of a beautiful, old path. They got down slowly and walked away from the chair. When they looked back, it was still there. They ran back to it because they did not want to remain in that world.
(197 words)


Photo credit: Pexels by Pixabay