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Everyday Moments – ( #SOL 2019)




Today it has been raining since morning. It seems as if our monsoon season has started. We are keeping our fingers crossed. It is now four in the evening. It is cloudy, dark and raining. Yesterday it had rained only in the morning. 6th and 7th were such dry and sunny days. We were feeling so terrible. It should have been raining but we are having such sunny days. Lack of rains is worrying everyone but we all say we can do nothing about it now. We have to just wait and hope. On the 7th evening we went for a walk to the lake in our place. Every year by July the lake is almost full. During the monsoon season water flows into the lake from all sides. But this time we can still see the lake bed!!  We just hope it will become full before the monsoon season ends. It is very worrying.

On the 4th our son went to Hyderabad for four days. He had some work in the university where he studied. We went to the airport. The ground staff will assist him while going and returning. We came back home by 1.45. His friend came to receive him at the airport and he is staying in a hotel not far from his university. That evening we went to our temple park for a walk. We had not been there for a long time.

Last week I was able to go to Asare three times a week. My husband and I leave home together. He goes to the medical library to read the latest dental journals. He was professor in the Dental college of our University. He retired in January 2017. We return together.

We had read about a Sanskrit daily newspaper. We have subscribed for it. I studied Sanskrit in school. I am happy that I can understand a lot of what I am reading. And we have got a very good Sanskrit Dictionary by Monier Williams. My father had gifted it to us. I read in the morning at about 11o’clock once I finish my work.

There are a lot of jackfruits in our tree. On Saturday we took three to my husband’s cousin. He and his wife use raw and ripe jackfruit in different ways. I crushed the ripe arils, added sugar and cooked. It is tasty with dosas and we make a tasty dessert with it called payasa. These days jackfruit ice creams have become very popular. I liked it 😊 .

Our son returned yesterday afternoon. He came in a prepaid taxi from the airport. In the evening we did not go for a walk. My friend and neighbour was taking a brisk walk in her front yard. She and her husband go for walk every evening. But he had to visit a relative. I joined her and enjoyed the walking with the talking.
Days are going on. I remember the water scarcity in April and May. The days passed and these days will pass too. That is life.


“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”
― Bill Keane

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