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The Waiting Room (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Nisha stood near the door and gazed at the waiting room. Its clinical appearance fascinated and repelled her. It looked as bleak as she felt. She was angry and frustrated at her helplessness. One mistake, and it had changed her whole world. But, that night she had not thought of it as a mistake. She had known that she was taking a risk but had enjoyed the experience. When she learnt that she was pregnant she did not know whom to turn to. Her partner had moved on. He had never really been a part of her life. She was responsible for her decision and did not want a scapegoat.

Her friend told her about this clinic. She took a decision. She was very sure that she did not want this responsibility which would just be a burden. Still looking at the waiting room she wondered why it was not a more friendly place. There was no warmth there. Maybe people who came there did not want warmth. The clinical look seemed to say what they were doing was just a clinical procedure and nothing else. Yes, it was only that, no emotions attached.

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( Photo credit : Arun Sharma on Unsplash )

Sunday Photo fiction