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Everyday Moments (#SOL- 2019)


I first came across the Slice of life some time in 2017 and it has become a very nice part of my life. I like reading the slices by bloggers from different parts of the world. Our everyday moments everywhere are not very different. These moments make our life what it is. I started writing to my Doddamma, my father’s elder brother’s wife in October 2017. She is 88 and is not able to hear properly if I telephone to talk to her. So I write to her. Both of us enjoy the letters. I post my letter to her to her every week. I edit the letters and post them as Slice of Life every Tuesday.

I am writing this and at the same time listening to a talk on Ramayana by the great scholar Bannanje Govindacharya. At the same time I remember with a smile my Doddamma once telling me that we should do one work at a time. But I have not followed that advice. I listen to these lectures even while cooking 😊.

For three days we have been getting rains mainly at night. The days are quite hot. There have been so many changes in life in the recent months. In a way they teach us not to take anything for granted. From 24th to 28th it was pouring as if the skies had opened up. It was raining morning and night. Ours is a hilly place so there is no water logging. In Mumbai, Assam and other places rains are making life miserable for people there.


On the 28th morning my brother-in-law called to say that my father-in-law was not feeling good. My husband left for his village soon. His father is better and he is on his way back. Two evenings we went to EndPoint for our evening walk. It is always a pleasure.

My sewing machine was having some problem. My cousin’s wife told me about Srikanth who repairs sewing machines. He is very good at his work. He works elsewhere and does these jobs for extra income. He came today afternoon and rectified the problem. I finished the frock for our granddaughter.

Today morning I went to Asare to attend a programme conducted by Disability NGO’s Alliance (DNA). DNA creates a platform for NGO’s working with people with a disability and tries to bring different NGOs under one umbrella. The speaker told us about The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill 2016. The types disabilities have been increased from seven to twenty one. An interesting morning.

I have written earlier that our son has Retinitis Pigmentosa. I love books and from the day he could understand I had been reading books to him till he got the talking software JAWS for his laptop. Last month he had been to Bangalore. He purchased some books there. One was The Novel by James Michener. On Sunday evening we finished reading book. Some books come into our lives and remain there for a long time. It is a pleasure to read them again and again over the years. This is such a book.

It is now 8 o’clock. My husband returned at 5.30. Today we cut the last of the jackfruits of this year. One was ripe and the other raw. I ground the raw arils with rice and made batter to make dosa tomorrow morning. God knows what will happen in the coming year.

I have lost my dewdrop”, cries the flower to the morning sky that lost all its stars. – Tagore

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