#SoCS August 17/19

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “co-” Find a word that uses “co” as a prefix and use it in your post. Have fun!

The first thought that came to mind when I read the prompt was our Co-operative society.  We have bought our groceries from there since 1982 when we got married.  I think this society was started in the 1960s. Ration card holders get their rice and other items at subsidised rates here. Many years ago we got sugar and rice and wheat here as we were eligible to get them due to our ration card. We stopped getting it as we were no longer eligible to get them.

But we have continued to buy our daily needs from the shop. There is a one to one relationship with the the manager and the assistants there. We stop to talk to them while they pack pur groceries.  And that is missing in malls and other big supermarkets. There is a mall in the next town. We went there just once some years ago. There are two small supermarkets in our place but we hardly go there.

I feel malls are there in all parts of the country and they do good business but the small shops are there only in one place. If people stop giving them business they might have to close down. And this has been happening in many places.  So we have decided to buy our groceries from our Co-operative society.




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  1. They opened a co-op in our town a few years ago. Not sure why but it recently closed. Hopefully someone will step in and bring that back again.

  2. The original concept was great and worked really well. Sadly, they seem to be on the decline in the UK, although they still have over 4,000 shops, more than any other grocer.

  3. We are better off with lots of small shops employing lots of people. Otherwise, we all lose money by having to pay more taxes for unemployment benefit. Most of all, though, we finish up with a completely deserted town centre, with no shops except charity shops

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