Full Circle (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Anand entered his study and looked at his cat gazing at the laptop screen. This would have amused him under normal circumstances. But today was the fifth day without power supply. Heavy rains and winds had caused chaos and destruction everywhere. He had used his laptop sparingly but soon it would not be possible. What would he do without his laptop or his mobile phone? All his books were on his Kindle. Not being able to use his gadgets was frustrating. But it should not have been so.

The sight of the bird on the screen took his thoughts back to his childhood in the sixties. Nature was part of their lives in his village. There was no electricity. Before dusk, lamps were lit in the rooms. People ate their dinners early. In summer he and his cousins fell asleep fanning themselves with hand-fans made from areca leaves. They had grown up without electricity and had enjoyed those days.

There was no going back and he would not want to even if he could. Circumstances were the same but everything else was different. The virtual world had become a more important part of their lives.

(195 words)


Photo credit: Sue-Z




7 Replies to “Full Circle (Sunday Photo Fiction)”

  1. Watching a real nuthatch will be much better than watching it in the virtual world… Hope Anand gets out of his confines and realises that

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