Everyday Moments (# SOL- 2019 )


My weekly Slice of Life are my letters to my Doddamma. She is my father’s elder brother’s wife. Doddamma literally means ‘elder mother’. She is 88 years old. She cannot hear properly if I telephone to talk to her. So, I have been writing letters to her since October 2017. I enjoy writing letters and she is happy to read them. They are only about the everyday moments in my life. I post my letters to her every week.


Time flies, I remember going to Germany in November 2017 to help my daughter. Kavya was born on the 10th. And today was her first day in play-home because it is in the home of the lady who looks after and teaches the children. The next stage in life 😊.
Our daughter and family left on the 1st morning for Bangalore. They left for Frankfurt on the 4th morning and were there by 5.45 German time.


My husband went to be with his father for two days. My father-in-law is doing his work but cannot really connect with others. Last week I too went to Asare, home for the mentally challenged after a long break. Life is going on there as usual. But yesterday afternoon Hema, who had been living there for many years passed away. She had not been keeping well for some days. She will be missed.


We are still getting rains. The days are sunny and when we hang the clothes out for drying, it suddenly starts raining 😊 and we have to rush out.
On the 3rd I started reading a book called Swapna Saraswatha thinking that I would complete it before our Book club meeting on the 14th. But the book was so fascinating that I found it difficult to keep it down. I completed it on the 6th night. I have written about it in my SoC post.



I made tomato pickles after a long time. We like it. I prepared it the easier way. The other method is a long procedure but that lasts for years. One morning I talked to my Doddamma. She was happy to hear from me but she cannot hear properly. I was happy when she told me she enjoyed my letters. I write my Sunday Photo Fiction to her. Letter writing is fun.


One evening we thought it would rain and we decided not go for a walk, but it did not rain 😊. So we go even if it is cloudy and we really don’t mind if it drizzles. But if it rains heavily, umbrellas don’t help. We usually go to EndPoint or to the lake. There is something very soothing to see rain harvested water. The pond on the way to EndPoint is full and the water looks green due to the trees by the side.


( Babblers that come for their breakfast 🙂 )

What would life be like without water? It is very difficult to imagine.

tomato pickle recipe | tomato pachadi recipe | tomato achar recipe


6 Replies to “Everyday Moments (# SOL- 2019 )”

  1. I remember as a girl rushing out to gather clothes from the lines when a sudden rain came up. I also remember how wonderful the linens smelled after drying in the sun on a breezy day. Tomato pickles sound yummy!

  2. My mother would even hang some clothes outside in the dead of winter. Talk about freeze dried. I we did not live in a condo now, my wife would still hang her clothes outside. I’m not sure I have ever had tomato pickles though.

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