Musings of a guide (Sunday Photo fiction)

Amar felt old when he looked at the young tourists. He was a guide in the palace and had been working there for more than four decades. He looked with wonder at the youngsters busy clicking pictures.

His thoughts went back to those days when life had been so different. Back then, tourists were more interested in looking at those reminders of life lived long ago. But now people were more interested in taking their own photos. When had these changes taken place? He loved his work and many a time his wife used to tell him that he lived more in the past than in the present world. And it was true. The past fascinated him.

His gaze fell on the young lady wearing big sun-glasses. He could not make out where she was looking but he did know that she was looking at herself from all angles. Why she had come here? Was she really interested in this heritage building? He shook his head and looked away. He found it difficult to understand such people. He was growing older and maybe the time had come for him to retire. The thought made him sad.

(196 words)


Photo credit: L L Jones