Facing the Sun

Kavya returned home to tell her mother about the sunflowers she had seen in her friend’s house. She found them beautiful and wondered why they were called sunflowers. They did remind her of the sun and sunrays. The following weekend Kavya, Advaith and their parents were driving to the  next town. On the way they… Continue reading Facing the Sun


Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: How Green is Blue

The prompt for today is How Green is Blue. This is a chance to use this phrase to inspire you to create a post. It can be anything – poetry, prose, a drawing, a photograph, wherever the phrase sends you. This prompt immediately brought to mind the pond in the middle of the areca farm… Continue reading Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: How Green is Blue

Everyday Moments (#SOL-2019)

My weekly Slice of Life are my letters to my Doddamma. She is my father’s elder brother’s wife. Doddamma literally means ‘elder mother’. She is 88 years old. She cannot hear properly if I telephone to talk to her. So, I have been writing letters to her since October 2017. I enjoy writing letters and… Continue reading Everyday Moments (#SOL-2019)