#SoCS Oct. 19/19


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “oh.” Use it as a word or find a word that starts with “oh.” Bonus points if you start and end with “oh.” Enjoy!

‘Oh’ was what our granddaughter used to say when she did not like something or when she wanted something and she did not get it. ‘Oh’ was expressed in different tones and inflexions. Our daughter, son-in-law and children were with us for three weeks in August. We loved our granddaughter’s use of the word ‘oh’ 😊. We too started using it and she would smile when we said it. We had a wonderful time with the children and when they left, we missed them a lot. Life goes on and we came back to our own routine. We talk to them almost daily by WhatsApp video call.

Technology has changed our lives so much. Long back when people went to other countries letter writing was the means of keeping in touch. But it used to take so long. Telephone conversations were too expensive. But now it is not so. If we want to, we can keep in touch with our near ones. Earlier we used to visit people a lot and stay with them for some time. But now it is not so. We meet our relatives at some social or religious function. WhatsApp and Facebook have helped us to be in some contact with our relatives and friends. In their own ways they are a cohesive force. I feel something is better than nothing. In many ways I cannot agree when people say, ‘Oh, life was so much better in the past.’ Many a time we tend to look back through rose coloured spectacles😊.


3 Replies to “#SoCS Oct. 19/19”

  1. I’m fairly certain that it would not apply where you live in Southern India, but here in England, social media is used by nasty children to bully others to a frightening degree. And as it is in a computer, there is little escape. Children cannot ignore it as adults would. They are drawn to it like moths to a flame (old English expression!).

    1. No , here too we read horrifying news about children becoming victims of social media. Some time ago many lost their lives to some whale game. Now everyone has a mobile and it is not possible to see what they are watching. It is very scary.

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