Life Song of the Road

A Day in the zoo

Kavya enjoyed play school. But she had not liked being separated from her mother in the initial days and had protested before leaving home. The teacher took the children to the playground every day. One day they went to a farm. The children were excited to see black hens in the coop. Kavya touched the soft feathers of the hen. She liked it. Seeing the children enjoying themselves the teacher decided to take them to the zoo in their town.

The children were too small to know what a zoo was. When they reached the place, they were happy to see the animals. The five children walked around, holding hands. The teacher was behind them. It was autumn and the beautiful leaves were lying on the ground waiting to be picked and thrown up in a shower. They walked on. Suddenly they stopped when they saw two strange-looking birds. The little ones were not scared but just surprised by the birds’ big round eyes. The teacher was surprised to see the owls and wondered how they had come out of the enclosure. She looked around and saw the board with slightly faded words, ‘Beware owls in the road’.
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Photo from Morguefile