Life reflections

The cat and the bird

Coco the cat and the bird lived in Tara’s home. She loved both of them but they were always at loggerheads. Tara had brought Coco from the shelter. He had been abandoned by the roadside. The kind owner of the shelter had found him and brought him home. Tara and her mother had gone to the shelter, both loved animals. It was love at first sight for both, Tara and the kitten. A year had gone by. Love and security had changed the kitten beyond recognition. He looked sleek and beautiful. He believed that Tara and her home belonged to him.

One day he received a jolt. Tara’s friend brought her rooster home. She was going away for two weeks and Tara had agreed to look after the bird. Coco did not like this interloper and always looked for an opportunity to swipe at the bird. But the rooster was too clever for him. That left Coco frustrated. But, today both were on the table and there was no one around. The bird had become too complacent. A second was enough to strike the bird. It ran away squawking loudly. Coco disappeared from the scene with speed. He was happy.
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( Photo credit : DeAnna Gossman)