Life reflections

#SoCS Feb. 15/2020


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cheek.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Enjoy!

The word ‘cheek’ immediately brought to mind the scene that happened when our daughter and grandchildren had come for a vacation last year. Our grandson flung himself at his mother and kissed her on the cheek. His sister likes to do all that her brother does. She too wanted to kiss her mother. It was such a beautiful moment. A very spontaneous one, though I could not take a photo that moment will always remain with me.

The word ‘cheek’ also reminded me of Oliver Twist. The ‘cheek of the orphan’ must have been the thought in the mind of the person in charge of the meals in the orphanage. How dare he ask for more!! I read the book long back but some scenes and sentences are not forgotten. My father used to say the sentence ‘Barkis is willing’ from David Copperfield with a smile. He also loved the first sentence of Pride and Prejudice. I have a notebook where I write down the sentences I like in the books that I read.

In the seventies a Hindi movie called ‘Sholay’ was released. It became so popular and is still popular that people knew all its dialogues. I think it was the first movie where the dialogues were more popular than the songs. Even now we smile when we hear the dialogues and immediately the scene comes to mind. As I write this my cheeks stretch with a smile 😊. The movie has remained an icon. Every character and every scene was perfect. There is one character with just one line in one scene, he and his line are remembered by all. In fact all the characters have remained in the minds of the people who loved the movie.

I wonder if writers are surprised when what they have written remain in the memories of people for a long, long time. Many of them are no more but what they have written lives on.