Life reflections

#SoCS Feb. 29/2020


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ect.” Find a word with the letters “ect” in it, and base your post on that word. (Not to be confused with “et cetera,” which is “etc.”) Enjoy!

The letters ‘ect’ brought to mind the word respect. And that brought to mind my father-in-law. He is a person who loves to keep in contact with all his relatives. He is interested in them as individuals. He is respected and loved by all who come into contact with him. He is going to be 95 soon. Physically he is fine for his age but he does not remember most people who come to meet him. He cannot connect with them. They too feel sad and he too feels sad. He realises that he cannot remember them. We change so much as we grow older. Many a time I wonder what is in store for us. We have to our best to keep ourselves fit, physically and mentally and leave the rest to God.

On a lighter note, I remember my elder brother’s first experience at dissection. This was in the seventies. He had opted for Biology in high school. He and his classmates had to dissect a mouse. That was his first and last day in the laboratory. The very thought of cutting open an animal was beyond him. The next day he left Biology and took another subject 😊.
So many more words come to mind but I think I will stop here.