#SoCS March 21/2020


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “welcome.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

The coronavirus is ruling the world. It is as if there are no boundaries that it cannot cross. I do not remember such situation wherein the whole world is down on its knees. My cousin was telling me there is a dullness in the air. I too had felt the same because there is always the fear of the virus. We have lost some of our freedom. I believe we all will welcome the day when we become free from the clutches of the virus. So many changes are happening in our lives and the best part is we are adapting ourselves to those changes. One instance, all over the world people are working from home. So many must have welcomed this as they would no longer have to worry about getting stuck  in traffic jams. What is amazing is our relatives in different parts of the world are discussing about this threat on WhatsApp.  I know discussion will not keep the virus away but the internet is helping us to be in contact with each other and helps us to exchange our thoughts.

On a lighter note my thoughts go back to my childhood when we welcomed summer vacations with great joy. My father was working in the Indian railways and we lived in the northern parts of our country. With the start of vacations, my brother and I would leave for or maternal grandparents home in a small town in South India. We had to spend three days in the train and we enjoyed the journey. We were welcomed by our grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins with great excitement. Two months of freedom from school 😊.  We returned only in the last week of our vacation feeling sad that we would have to wait for a year for our next vacation. All precious memories.


7 Replies to “ #SoCS March 21/2020”

  1. Make sure you stay safe! Wash your hands every hour for 30 seconds or so. Don’t touch your eyes if you can avoid it as many infections enter your body that way (wear sunglasses to help that). Wash your face more than you would normally. Keep a two metre distance between you and everybody else. The virus can live on flat, shiny surfaces so disinfect them regularly.
    Those are the instructions we have had!

  2. We too took a very long train ride–five days for us–to see our grandparents in the summer. Nice to know you and I shared that experience on different sides of the world.

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