A Photo a week challenge : Up in the air

In January, we were in Amritsar, it all seems like a dream now. The corona virus is ruling our lives.

On the 2nd evening we were in Harmandir Sahib or the Golden temple. People were celebrating the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh. At night, after the prayers there were fireworks, looking like stars up in the air.

2nd (59)

2nd (61)


3 Replies to “A Photo a week challenge : Up in the air”

    1. There is curfew. But they can go for walks but playgrounds are closed. Our son-in-law is working from home. They are getting groceries and vegetables in the supermarket. No one is allowed to take more than necessary. Life is ok. We talked to them at least twice a day by WhatsApp video call. Thank you. And you and your family?

      1. We are keeping a 6 foot distance from the grandkids next door since there dad works in New York City in an essential job and might bring the virus home. My husband works from home. Church is on the computer. I am glad it is spring so I can sit outside and talk to the kids. They have not had the sanity to limit purchases here so there are many things missing, especially produce.

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