Life reflections

#SoCS April 25/2020


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “val.” Find a word that starts with “val” or if you’re not doing the A to Z Challenge, find a word that just has “val” in it, and use that word any way you’d like. Enjoy!

When I read this prompt the  words that came to mind were valour and value.

We are living in a different world now. But in many ways what is now happening has always happened before. I am reading Pied Piper by Nevil Shute. Actually, I am listening to in Audibles. The narrator is very good. The story is set during World War 2. The restrictions faced by people then are what we are facing now. The soldiers knew who their enemies were. I feel very sad when I read about all the wars that happened through the ages. People fought and killed each other, so many innocent people killed. Now, we know our enemy but we cannot see it. We don’t really know where it and when it will attack. We have to be careful but for how long can we continue to be careful?

Doctors  and health care workers everywhere are facing every day with valour to save lives. They must be scared and doctors have been infected. The other day we read in the newspapers about a doctor in the neighbouring state. He got infected and passed away. The tragic part was people of the town did not allow him to be buried in that town. They were scared that the virus would spread from his body. His family and colleagues appealed to the people to be reasonable but in vain. They became violent too and the  family had to bury the doctor elsewhere late in the night. The doctor died serving his patients and what value did all his selfless work have when he was not allowed to be buried with dignity? It is really very sad.

Why do people behave the way they do? Don’t they think?  Will their conscience ever prick them?