Life reflections

#SoCS May 16/2020


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “want.” Make the word “want” the first, second, or third word of your post. Have fun!

‘I want memo ikeem’ were the first words uttered by our grandson as he came inside our home. He was just two then. Earlier I had told my daughter that I had prepared mango ice cream for him. At that time, they were living in Bangalore and had come during the mango season. I remember he had loved the mango ice cream.

These thoughts came to mind when our neighbour gave us some mangoes from their tree. They are not yet ripe. Earlier in the evening my son and I had gone for a walk. We have started going for walks, wearing masks. In the vegetable shop we saw different varieties of mangoes. We remembered our grandson asking for mango ice cream 😊. On our way we had seen dark clouds, we have been getting many pre-monsoon rains in April and in this month. We thought it would not rain, actually we did not want it to rain because we did not have an umbrella. But it did rain, with thunder, lightning and wind !! Fortunately, we were able to take shelter. After twenty minutes we literally ran to the vegetable shop. After purchasing vegetables and fruits we took an auto rickshaw back home.

And, lastly I do want the coronavirus to go away. Life has changed so much, along with the minus points there have been positive changes too. Hopefully, human beings will have to learn not to take their planet for granted. Anyway, what we want and do not want does not really count, Nature will have her way and we have to learn to adjust accordingly.