Everyday Moments (#SOL-2020)


Today the weather is very pleasant because it was raining in the morning, not pouring, but drizzling for more than two hours. The last few days were very hot. There is a parijatha tree in our garden. At night the flowers bloom and their fragrance fill our lives. We planted a Shanka Pushpa creeper near the tree and the creeper has climbed to the top and dark blue flowers are blooming there. A lot of birds are coming in the morning to eat the chapati pieces we put out for them. We hear them talking to each other sitting on the branches of the trees and plants. About two weeks ago Bulbuls were trying to build their nest inside the house. Fortunately, they gave up and must be busy with their family life elsewhere.

Last week I had to go to our Dental college/hospital because I broke my tooth. I asked my doctor whether I could come as the hospital had been open only for emergencies till recently. The broken piece was removed one day and yesterday morning I went again to get the sharp edge smoothed. On my way back I went to a fruit shop to buy some fruits. This shop is called Iceland and has been catering to students and others, through the years since early 1960s. They sell fruit juices too. I was talking to the owner who must be more than 75. He said business was dull as there were no students who were good and regular customers. I told him it felt strange to see so few people in the hospital. He replied we could also take it to mean that people were taking more care of their health these days and not simply rushing to the hospital 😊. It was nice listening to his experiences and opinions. Earlier in the morning while going to the hospital the auto rickshaw driver was very grumpy. He said there was nothing like corona, it was something created by politicians and the Chinese to scare people and make their lives miserable! He said during the monsoon season people fall ill and it is something that has always been happening. I kept quiet 😊. There are many who hold this view. Auto rickshaw drivers are finding it difficult to make ends meet because there are so few people moving about, mainly students who use the auto rickshaw frequently. My son’s students tell him that they are missing college life.

Most evenings we go for a walk in our locality for 35 minutes. On the way we see an old gentleman sitting in the verandah. We wave to him and with a smile he waves back. And we see a couple walking briskly on their terrace. They walk for an hour there. They used to go for long walks regularly. I asked them if they do not do so now. She said they do not go outside their compound now. People react differently to the situation. I remember in April we were inside our gates for more than a month and it was such a relief when we started going for a walk and wearing the mask seemed a small sacrifice. But now the mask is becoming a burden. But we have to take care.

My doddamma is not too well, I am just sending photos of my grandchildren. But I am not sure whether she can relate to them. It is sad to see the changes that come to us with old age. But her son and daughter-in-law look after her with love. My mother too is lucky, my brother and sister-in-law look after her with love, my mother tells me she is happy. She goes for her walks, does yoga, reads books and helps my sister-in-law.Β  Life goes on.

I just finished reading September by Rosamunde Pilcher. It is a very nice book. I liked these lines,

β€˜Fear knocked at the door, Faith went to answer it, and no one was there.’

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis – Wikipedia

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Shanka Pushpa