BELUR TRIP  14TH TO 17TH OCTOBER 2021 (2)       

 We reached our hotel in Belur at 3.15 on the 14th. We had left home at 8.15 in the morning. Our hotel was less than a kilometer away from Chennakeshava temple. After resting for a while we walked to the temple. The walls of the temple complex are of plain stone in contrast to the exquisite sculptures inside. Those unknown sculptors over many generations,  have created a different world inside. They definitely had the blessings of a divine being.

Looking at the alluring sculptures we had wondered how the buildings had escaped destruction at the hands of  invaders. But later we read that they had been destroyed again and again and repeatedly  restored.

In front of the door of the sanctum, in the hall, there is low, circular platform made of black stone. It is smooth and shining.

There are many lathe turned pillars in the hall outside the sanctum.They are symmetrical and look beautiful. But two of them, the Narasimha pillar and the Mohini pillar, are exquisite works of art. We wonder how they were saved when the invaders stormed in. We will never really know. There are so many beautiful carvings on the ceiling, lintel, on the walls and pillars that it would be difficult to appreciate all of them  at once.

When I read today’s  stream of consciousness prompt ‘body parts’, I thought of the four ‘shilabalika’s’ in the four corners of the ceiling in the temple. Their body parts are beautifully proportioned. I was gazing up at them in wonder. There is so much grace in their hands, in the shape of their fingers. They are made of stone but we can see movement in them.  On the outer walls there are sculptures of men, women, elephants, horses, lions. They look real. The passion of the artists who carved them is evident. It is difficult to describe the beauty of the sculptures in words.

We were told by the priest that it was time for the evening puja. There were many people and most of them wore masks. We are used to wearing masks now; actually we feel uncomfortable if we don’t wear one 😊. After the puja we came out when we heard the sound of saxophone and Nadaswaram. We saw people carrying a palanquin with the idol of Lord Chennakeshava.

There are two idols in the sanctum, one huge, the other small. The latter was being carried around the main temple in pradakshina (clockwise). We stood still and watched the procession. The music was mesmerizing. Then the idol was taken inside the temple and we walked back to our hotel.

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#SoCS October 23, 2021

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “body parts.” Pick a body part and talk about it.

By Lakshmi Bhat

I am a person who believes there is not enough darkness in the world to extinguish the light of a small candle. We live in a small place in South India. I love reading, blogging, stitching, traveling, photography, listening to people and many other things which make life so very nice and interesting. Blogging is a fun experience, it has brought me into contact with people in different parts of the world and it is good to read about their everyday life. In spite of the differences there is a sameness which is fascinating. I have learnt and am learning something everyday. I have learnt to write haikus. I enjoy combining the thought and the number of syllables. I have always read books and I was happy to write short fiction. I had thought I would not be able to do so. Stream of Consciousness and photo challenges are fun too. Yes, there is so much in life that is sad and that hurts us. Many a time I wonder why life is so unfair to so many. We all have problems in life but the problems of many seems unbearable. This makes me feel so helpless. It is not possible to help everyone but we can do our bit, we can do something to help some in whatever way we can. I used to go to the Home for the Mentally challenged in our campus twice a week. I have been going there since 2011. The members are an important part of my life. Covid-19 has made it difficult for me to go there regularly. Hopefully I will be able to go there again. There have been many challenges in life and we have faced them with a positive approach. Our grandson and granddaughter have made life so much more richer.


  1. Sculpture can only be appreciated when seen with your own eyes. Pictures can give an indication of it from your description and pictures. Awesome. Thank you.

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  2. At last you, your husband and son made time…lucky you…just the age to relish all the beauty…i must say you are blessed…
    My father took my daughter 35yrs see it
    Must see it again leisurely now like you..
    Thank you .

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