Back to Childhood:))

The first two weeks of this month just flew by but every minute of those days went by in slow motion. Our grandson had come and all of us were together again. My parents too had come. We had been to see his other great grandfather. Our whole world revolved around him. Everything he did… Continue reading Back to Childhood:))


The Daily Post Photo challenge- Night time

Night time under the moonlight is a different place altogether. This Photo is taken from our house. A few months ago , we were returning from Mumbai and it was dusk as we were passing the Western Ghats, On the 26th our festival of Navaratri started.  We worship Goddess Durga. The word Navaratri means ‘nine… Continue reading The Daily Post Photo challenge- Night time

A photo a week challenge- Splash of colour

This photo is of ripe pepper seeds The worship of Goddess Durga , all family members gather for this occasion. Basil leaves and flowers are offered to the Goddess. Mustard fields in a small village near Udaipur, Rajasthan. The beautiful yellow flowers add to the beauty of the place.

Horns of Dilemma

Two paths and only one option is really a difficult situation especially when both paths look very dark . She is in this situation. She is educated and is married to a person who is to all purposes illiterate. The decision to make her marry him was taken by the elders of the family without… Continue reading Horns of Dilemma

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In their own world

Some time ago we were honoured to meet some ladies to whom age was just a number. They were in their seventies and eighties but their interests had not dimmed with age. It was a pleasure and an inspiration to look at the beautiful handicrafts they had created and are still creating. They are learning… Continue reading In their own world

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Two sides of a coin

It has been raining and raining. Usually our monsoon season starts in June. But this year we just had three or four days of rain in June. We were all so worried. We depend so much on the rains. We just cannot imagine life without rains. From the beginning of July we have been having… Continue reading Two sides of a coin

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This too shall pass

Last year, this time, we were waiting the arrival of our grandchild. Those days were days of waiting. Then our grandson came into our world and life was never the same again. He and our daughter were with us for a few months. Every day was a new experience and unique. Those days seem like… Continue reading This too shall pass

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