Everyday Moments (#SOL-2020)


The last two days have been very cloudy and the weather very hot. Humidity is very high in coastal Karnataka. I remember our vacation in Amritsar in January this year and it seems like a different lifetime. It was so cold and we thought the heat was better than the cold and now we are longing for the cold 😊.

Today evening we went to my husband’s cousin’s home, we were visiting someone after a long, long time. He completed chemotherapy two months ago but he is not well now. We used to meet them regularly earlier. My mother is having an operation this Saturday. She will not have mastectomy but the lump will be removed. She will be in the hospital for two nights. My sister-in-law will be with her. We are all praying for her recovery.

On the 11th my husband started watering plants in the garden. The rains have stopped completely. One morning I prepared everything to bake wheat flour masala buns and there was no electricity. I searched in Google 😊 and found that I could bake in non-stick pan. The taste was good but the buns were not round and fluffy. And I also made tomato chutney pickle. It is tasty with dosas 😊. The original procedure to make this pickle is a lengthy one, I prepare a faster one but we cannot keep it for long.

One evening we went the lake after many, many days. There had been a lot of rush and we were apprehensive to go there for a walk. A few days ago my friend told me there  are only a few people walking. It was after 5.45 when we reached the place. And by the time we walked more than half way around the lake the sun set, the atmosphere is so different at that time. There was breeze and waves. The birds were resting on the branches of the trees on the island. Many other birds were flying in v-formation. It is fascinating to watch them.

On the 14th we offered monthly prayers to my father-in-law’s departed soul. We do this till the first death anniversary. We invite a guest for lunch and prepare certain dishes that have to be prepared. My husband cuts the vegetables and I do the cooking 😊.

The whole country celebrated Deepawali. We heard some crackers around us but not like other years. We lighted ‘Diyas’ on three nights. Deepawali is the festival of lights. On the 15th evening we went to the temple of Lord Shiva. We were going there after a long time. It is one of our favourite places. This year we have not been doing many things which we usually do.

The river Swarna flows towards the sea not far from our place. We love to watch it from EndPoint but this year that place is still closed to public. We had seen a bridge being constructed across and we decided to see the bridge. Earlier people used to come by boat to this side for work, now they use the bridge. The river looked so serene and soothing.

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A Photo a Week Challenge: October


By the beginning of October our monsoon season ends. But we do get occasional rains. Deepavali and Navaratri are two important festivals in this month and it is believed that rains will come till the end of this month. We live in coastal Karnataka and we have only two seasons, summer and monsoon. We see greenery around us and and also hear the birds talking to each other and busy with their daily life. There is a rain water harvested lake in our town and it is full. It is a pleasure to walk around the lake. The sight of so much water gladdens the heart.

The Bulbul taking a rest on the papaya tree outside our bedroom 🙂

Everyday Moments (#SOL- 2020)


 I don’t think we will forget this year for quite some time. Usually in September the rains are less but this year has been a different story. At 3 o’clock on Saturday it started raining and it poured and poured without a break till Sunday evening. It was like whole sky had opened up. All the low-lying areas in and around our place were flooded. Today the house-keeping staff in Aravind’s college told him that she had woken up on Sunday morning to see water everywhere near her house, which is near a river. As it continued to pour, taking their valuables and important papers they went to her brother-in-law’s house, on a higher ground. They could not take their dogs and hens but they survived. Unfortunately, their neighbour lost three cows. They returned home yesterday and spent the whole day cleaning the mess. Such flooding is happening after nearly forty years. We get corporation water from the river and its dam. It is stored in an underground sump. We did not get water for two days because the motor and pump set were submerged due to flooding. The corporation workers had a difficult time getting the motor and starting it. Fortunately, there was water supply yesterday evening. Last year there was no water and this year excess water !! In spite of everything the birds are chattering at top of their voices as usual 😊. The world has not changed completely.

Our town is on top of a hill, there is a valley to one side full of trees. All the water flows down the valley during the monsoon season. About ten years ago, all the trees were cut, the valley filled and buildings constructed. It was terrible to see the destruction and people were helpless. Yesterday, we learnt that sides of the foundation of an apartment building had fallen away due to the heavy rains. The occupants of the building have been asked to evacuate. All the destruction in the name of development. Development meaning a cinema theatre, shops and hotels. They do not have any business too. People believe it is divine justice.

The corona and all this !!  On the 31st my mother’s youngest sister’s daughter got married, we wished them from here. We had decided that we would not attend any function for some time. It is not necessary to take risks. My aunty, her husband and many others got infected, fortunately it was not serious. Another cousin, who is only 32 had a serious problem when she was tested positive. She had to be in the intensive care. The effects of the virus are very unpredictable. Many a time older people recover and younger ones succumb.

After staying at home for days, today evening we went to the lake for a walk. It was pleasant but we did see dark clouds and hoped it would not rain but it did and we got drenched in spite of having umbrellas 😊. The lake looks so different when it is raining. It was looking beautiful. A friend told us there had been water on the walking track for two days due to heavy rains. Again, the bulbuls have been trying to build their nest inside the house and we had to close all the windows. They did not come today. Today I prepared a chutney powder from the recipe given by my cousin. She got it from her mother, who got it from her mother’s sister.  I was feeling nice that I was preparing something which my grandmother and her sisters had prepared in those days 😊.

‘Nothing good is ever lost. It stays part of a person, becomes part of one’s character.’  – The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher.

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Everyday Moments (#SOL- 2020)


It has been a rainy week, sometimes pouring rain and sometimes drizzling. Yesterday evening it was not raining and we decided to go for our evening walk. When we were a little away from home we saw dark clouds approaching us. There is something very majestic about the way dark clouds gather and move. It started raining, we had our umbrellas and there is a nice feeling about walking in the rain 😊 We got wet but not drenched. But yesterday night due to heavy rain and wind, we did not have electricity supply the whole night. We have an inverter so we did not have any problem. There are many coconut trees and during the rainy season the fronds fall and if they fall on electric wires, they have to be removed for the supply to resume.

The coronavirus situation is very bad but it is being said the recovery cases are good. The economy is in a bad shape and God knows how long it will take for it recover. Aravinda goes by auto rickshaw to his college. The drivers say with no students in the campus there are very few people who travel by the auto rickshaw. Yesterday I was talking to the driver in whose vehicle Aravinda came home. I have known the driver, Shiva, for a long time. At different times his mother and sisters worked in our house when we were in the campus. He said Aravind and one more person were his only customers in the afternoon. That has been the case since the virus came into our lives. Life is very difficult for those who live on daily earnings.

It seems strange when all this is happening to us, life in nature specially is going on as it had gone on earlier. Of course, there will be ups in their lives. Early in the morning I do yoga to the accompaniment of birds’ voices. I wonder what they are telling each voices. They are busy searching for food. They love to chatter 😊. Last week, I saw a bird which I had not seen. My husband told me it was a wild fowl. I took a photo from the window but when I went out it flew away. We are seeing a lot of peacocks these days and monkeys too. It is fascinating to see the babies clinging to the bellies of the mothers.

Our grandson’s summer vacation started from 29th. My grandson told me he would have been sleeping in the plane if they could have come! We will miss their visit.

I am writing to my doddamma every week. Last week, I sent a message to Sujata, her daughter-in-law that I had sent the mail. At that moment she was reading it aloud, she made a video call. Doddamma could not speak much but she was very happy to hear us talk to her. I showed her inside and outside of our house. She has not come to our house. She has not come this side for more than fifteen years.

My mother too was feeling very tired and was having pain in her leg. She is with my elder brother. She had lymphoma in November 2017 and recovered. We were worried but her blood report is normal. Her physio therapist is helping her. Hope my mother feels better soon.

We change so much as we grow older. A character in a book said if there are no pains in a person who is eighty plus then he must be dead !!

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#SoCS May 23/2020

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ch.” Find a word that starts with “ch” and use it as your prompt word. Bonus points if you start your post with that word. Enjoy!

Chirping to their heart’s content, the little sunbirds flew from flower to flower. It was a pleasure to look at them. If the flower was facing downward they would cling to the stem and face downward putting in their beaks into the flower for a second and pull out again. The next second they move on to another flower. I think the two sunbirds are couple. One is lighter in colour and the other has rich black colour and peacock blue on the neck. They look so innocent as they fly among the bright flowers.

As I look at them and at their innocence the thought about child abuse comes to mind. A few days ago, I read about Phillipines being the hotspot of child abuse. It is happening everywhere. All those children locked in with their abusers! Just thinking about their lives makes me question the wisdom of God. People talk about innocent childhood. But is there any childhood for those children?  I cannot even imagine about those people who get pleasure in robbing the innocence of children.

(photos from the internet)

Life reflections

The Bulbuls

In the month of February we saw bulbuls busy building their nests. They were busy from morning to evening. Two birds decided that the space between the tube-light and its holder, in our mukhamantapa, an ideal place. The above Kannada word refers to a verandah enclosed with grills. The grills are wide enough for the couple to fly in and out. We watched the pair with despair. The tube-light was smooth and their nest just could never have stayed there. They were busy the whole day bringing dry leaves and twigs. They tried to fix them in their chosen place but the material kept falling down. They did not give up for almost two weeks. We were worried and tried everything to stop them from wasting their time.

A few years ago two bulbuls had tried to build a nest on the rod by the side of the wash basin. I really did not understand how they thought they could build a nest there. They used to fly in through one window. I closed that window and they would fly in through another. For some days we did not open the windows. They gave up. But here in the verandah we could do nothing. My husband made a small bowl with the sheath of the areca leaf. We tied it to the grill, hoping the birds would like it. But they were not interested. We were worried if there would be enough time for them to build another nest. I knew it was no use worrying because we could do nothing. They have to learn when to give up and choose the next option.

In our lives too we learn from our mistakes. As a parent I think I must have rushed to the recuse of my children when I thought what they were doing was not really going to help them. It is difficult to stand by and watch our children take steps that we think may not be the correct ones. I don’t remember now if I acted thus when our children were growing up. I must ask my children. We must have; it is but natural. It is amusing that most of us believe we know better.

We take so many decisions depending on our way of thinking at that moment. I don’t remember the exact words but someone said that we learn whether our decisions were correct or not only after we have travelled quite a distance. And if we learnt that our decision was not the correct one, would we have the courage to take a new path, or would we keep blaming ourselves? In hindsight it is easy to be wise and all-knowing. All these thoughts came to mind as I watched the two birds vainly trying to build their nest where it would have been impossible for it to have been secure.

I wonder where they built their nest. Did they have enough time to build a new one? I will never know the answers to these questions.

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”
― Richard Branson





Life Song of the Road

The Daily Prompt : Whisper

Surrounded by coconut trees

Every wind and every breeze

Makes me aware

Of the whispers

Between the fronds

Of the coconut trees,

That sway to the wind.

And the gentle sound

Of the breeze

Touching the fronds

Is as if they are

Whispering to each other.

Telling about  little birds

That alight on them

For a moment

Before flying away

To do whatever they are doing

The whole long day.

They might also be whispering

About the doings

Of humans and other animals.

It would be enlightening

To listen to the whispers

Of the fronds

Of the coconut trees.







Fly away little bird…

These words came to mind when I saw the two little birds in their small cage. I had read these lines long back and I don’t remember who wrote them.

‘ Fly away little bird, fly high, but keep your feet on the ground’.

But here their feet were in the cage. A cage is a cage whether it is golden one or an ordinary one. I remember the story, The Nightingale, the little bird belonging to the emperor living in a golden cage. It really hurts to see birds in a cage, they are supposed to fly far and high. But, I am told these imprisoned birds cannot fly because they are used to only that much space. It is said that people who capture them clip their wings.

That is human nature.

I often wonder what would happen if we were kept in a cage or confined within four walls. It happens. Sometimes we read about families being confined within their homes for years. How is it possible? And I remember reading in a Mandrake comic about aliens coming to Earth and capturing living beings and taking them to their planet and keeping them in cages. Mandrake and Lothar rescue them. But in real life, so many countless, nameless people live and die in cages, cages of their own making or in those made by others.

A few years ago we had been to a bird park in Malaysia, where most of the park had been covered by a net. The birds had their trees and water holes and so much more but everything under the nets. There is the illusion of freedom. But, it is so much better than those small cages, whether for birds or for other animals.

Anyway, there is nothing like complete freedom. We too are bound by so many chains, and in some places the chains are too many. It very difficult to imagine the lives of people living in such places. And it comes home to us that we are lucky if we have the freedom to lead our lives as we want to. What we do with that freedom depends on us.

“God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.”
~Jacques Deval (French playwright and director.)

Flying high