Day 12 of the March  SOLSC! #SOL2022 

Quite some time ago I read somewhere that people who say they have only one life to live, do not read books 😊. It is true. Good books take us to different worlds inhabited by all types of people. While reading a book we are in that world, with people living their lives there. I… Continue reading Day 12 of the March  SOLSC! #SOL2022 


Day 8 of the March  SOLSC! #SOL2022  

I have known Ramesh for many years. He is a special educator. A few years ago, he and some of his friends got together and started an organization. Such organisations are called ‘Trusts’. Ramesh and his team named their Trust, Adithya Trust. They are working at the grass root level to help very poor people… Continue reading Day 8 of the March  SOLSC! #SOL2022  


About a month ago I noticed a small, empty nest in the one of the branches of the hibiscus plant outside our bedroom window. I do not know when the nest was built, we were so busy with our lives. The nest looked so much a part of the plant. I was reminded of this… Continue reading Belongings