Everyday Moments (#SOL-2020)


We are having a little rest from the rains for the past three days. There have been occasional rains but in general they have been sunny days. On the 24th evening we went for a walk around the lake. Dark clouds were playing hide and seek with the sun. Clouds are fascinating and they take on so many different shapes. There was a slight breeze and the reflection of the clouds in the water seemed to be dancing. There are seats by the side of the walking track and when we see an empty one, we rush there. Actually, earlier there never were empty seats but now there are. Most people who come for a walk, wearing their masks of course want to finish their evening walk and go back home. We saw a group of youths not wearing masks at all and it seemed strange because we have become so used to seeing most people wearing masks. The other evening, we met a senior doctor who does not wear a mask. I asked him why he is not wearing one. We know him for decades. He said there is no point in wearing one while outdoors! It is ok if we do not meet anyone and if we do, we should be careful. Anyway, each to their own.

It was shocking to read in the paper about police tortures. That is a different world. It is difficult to understand how people can cause pain to others. I remembered the scenes in Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain. In those days too prisoners were tortured mercilessly and it is happening now too. Some things never change. It is tragic.

On the 22nd Ganesha Chaturthi was celebrated all over our country. Lord Ganesha is loved and worshipped by most people in our country. People offer pujas in their homes and in communities too. But this year the celebrations have been very subdued affairs. We went round our town and I was feeling very sad to see no celebrations at all. Life has changed so much. I made ‘panchakajjaya’, it is a sweet powder made during festivals. My friend told this recipe. We liked the taste very much. 

I am reading The Difficulty of being good by Gurcharan Das. It is a very interesting book.  Books take us to a different world and it is good to be there for some time 😊

“We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there too.”  ― Anonymous

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