A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds

A few mornings ago I heard a lot of chirpings and twitterings outside our kitchen window. There is a flowering plant just outside and I saw a number of small birds hopping from branch to branch and also sucking from the light cream cloured flowers. I rushed for my mobile:))  

A Photo a Week Challenge: Get Your Green On

Green is the colour which we see everywhere. But is is so very important, I just cannot imagine a world without the colour green. There are so many different shades of green. For that matter all colours have so many different shades. It is fascinating:) The unripe cocoa fruit Green bananas πŸ™‚

A photo a week challenge :Open

‘Usually, when a photo challenge has a topic of open, it means to post anything you want. However, this challenge is literally open: open cases, open doors, open cans, open anything.’ An open door of a temple. πŸ™‚ An open window πŸ™‚ An open bottle of pickles πŸ™‚ An open page of a book:)

A Photo a Week Challenge: Thirds Rule

In photography, we are taught many rules and guidelines about composing our images. One of the most basic is the rule of thirds. Cut your image area into a graph of nine (three vertical lines and three horizontal lines) and place your subject on one of the lines, avoiding the very center of your plane.… Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge: Thirds Rule

A Photo a week : Series

IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE A SERIES OF PHOTOS THAT TELL A STORY. These photos are in the temple square of our town. During our festivals, devotees who are interested make rangolis on the ground near the Temple of Sri Krishna. This person was making the picture of a mythological hero.

A Photo a week Challenge : Pretty in Pink

Recently at a family wedding, cousins of the bride wore bright pink saris and looked very pretty in pinkπŸ™‚ Pink flowers are beautiful:) The next flower is called Suryakanti ( Surya is sun ), it is white in the morning and by evening it becomes a beautiful pink.

A Photo a week challenge : tender moments

This photo is of my mother with her great grandson, it was taken more than a year ago and he is trying to remove my mother’s bindi and she is loving it:) This photo was taken this May πŸ™‚ sweet exchanges. Eating ice cream from his great grandmother πŸ™‚