A photo a week challenge : Lights

There is a beautiful lake in our place. It is man-made. Long back mud was removed to make bricks. There are about hundred acres of place here. Over the years water filled in during the monsoons and overflows by October. When the rains stop the water level goes down but it does not dry completely… Continue reading A photo a week challenge : Lights


A Photo a week Challenge : Pretty in Pink

Recently at a family wedding, cousins of the bride wore bright pink saris and looked very pretty in pink🙂 Pink flowers are beautiful:) The next flower is called Suryakanti ( Surya is sun ), it is white in the morning and by evening it becomes a beautiful pink.

Photo a week Challenge – Public Transportation

A few years ago we had the opportunity of going to Lothal, the ancient site of the Indus Valley civilization. We had fun going in this very colourful means of public transportation in that part of the state of Gujarat. This vehicle called JHAKDA  is a combination of the motor bike and open jeep. About… Continue reading Photo a week Challenge – Public Transportation


ON THE MOVE — Bhootha worship or the worship of spirits is a very important part of the lives of the people in coastal Karnataka and Kerala. These spirits protect all life forms of particular land areas people of that place propitiate them periodically. There is a lot of movement involved in this art form.


THRESHOLD “One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own.” John O’Donohue This photo was taken in the Ellora Caves of Aurangabad, Maharashtra


INSIDE- Huge copper vessels are used for cooking during functions like weddings. This photo was taken about twenty eight years ago. My son was standing inside this huge vessel and enjoying the experience.