Day 3 March SOLSC! #SOL23

3-02-23 Yesterday morning we went with Aravind to the Ayurveda Department for a review. Aravind is Assistant professor in the Department of Languages. He has Retinitis pigmentosa from birth. With God’s blessings and his efforts, he completed his PhD in English Literature in 2016 and is working here. He goes by autorickshaw regularly. When we… Continue reading Day 3 March SOLSC! #SOL23


9-01-2023 We were walking in the Dalhousie area of Kolkata with Mr Amitava Purkayastha. He was our storyteller. That was an apt term because he told us so much about what had happened in the first half of the 18th century in that area. Now there are wide roads and beautiful old buildings, but his… Continue reading OUR WEST BENGAL TRIP-(16)