Facing the Sun

Kavya returned home to tell her mother about the sunflowers she had seen in her friend’s house. She found them beautiful and wondered why they were called sunflowers. They did remind her of the sun and sunrays. The following weekend Kavya, Advaith and their parents were driving to the  next town. On the way they… Continue reading Facing the Sun

Lollipops (Sunday Photo fiction)

Advaith loves lollipops. There is something very satisfying about them. He sees the shape of a lollipop everywhere. Recently, he was enjoying his vacations in his grandparents’ home. It was the rainy season. He and his sister loved to splash about in the water holding umbrellas. He liked to explore nearby places with his grandfather.… Continue reading Lollipops (Sunday Photo fiction)

Full Circle (Sunday Photo Fiction)

Anand entered his study and looked at his cat gazing at the laptop screen. This would have amused him under normal circumstances. But today was the fifth day without power supply. Heavy rains and winds had caused chaos and destruction everywhere. He had used his laptop sparingly but soon it would not be possible. What… Continue reading Full Circle (Sunday Photo Fiction)