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The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Awakening

This week, show us an image of an awakening.

These photos are of our grandson taken in 2016. He loved playing with Lego, he still does 🙂 We enjoyed watching the awakening of interest and creativity, the satisfaction of making something. And of course he used to cry when he was not able to do something which he had imagined ! And it was difficult for us to know what he had imagined.





“Awakening joy
In learning to make new things
Fun and excitement.”

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Awakening



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The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Smile

This week, show us a smile (yours or someone else’s), make us smile, or both. Share a photo of something that has brought a moment of joy into your life recently, or focus on the outcome of that joy.

I was in Germany with my daughter from November 8th to January 18th. She was expecting her second child. Her daughter was born on November 10th. Our grandson will be five soon. I had a wonderful time with our grandchildren. My grandson and I spent a lot of time with each other, me telling him stories or playing together or watching his cartoon shows together. He makes all sorts of faces when I tell him that I want to take a selfie with him. His faces always made me laugh 🙂




The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Smile



Life reflections

The Daily Post Photo challenge: Story

For this week’s challenge, do some visual storytelling with your photography. As always, I’m excited to see what you all share.Photos are remarkably multi-purpose. They can be informational, instructional, or historical. They can be created for pure artistic pleasure, or for decoration. My favorite kind of photograph, though, is one that tells a story. A single image can encompass what would otherwise require a long written narrative — the characters, the setting, even the plot.

My father-in-law, he will be 93 soon. 😊



“Listening to him,
He has stories to tell us
Of long ago days
When life was so different
We can only imagine.”

The Daily Post Photo challenge: Story

Life Song of the Road

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Out of this world

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Out of this world

This week, share a photo that takes a familiar scene — a place you frequent, a face you know well, an activity you engage in regularly — and makes it look and feel like something out of this world. Feel free to interpret the theme as loosely as you see fit. I look forward to seeing your photos!

One of my favourite places is the lake in my place. Long back mud was being removed here  for the brick factory. Over the years changes have been taking place. Inlets have been made for water to come into this great big bowl during our monsoon season. By September the lake is full. Once the monsoon season ends the water level slowly starts going down. It keeps going down till the monsoon season starts again. The depth is 100 feet in the middle and walking track around the lake is of 2 kms. In certain places there are ridges on the lake bed and I saw birds in the water by the ridge and that place looked so very different at close up.


( This was last August when the lake was full )


( This photo was taken about ten days ago, they are wild flowers which see daylight when we start seeing the lake bed)

Manipal lake 1st (3)

This looks like the side of some canyon 🙂

A very small island where these birds are holding a meeting before retiring for the day.

Manipal lake (1)

Life Song of the Road

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Face in the crowd

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Face in the crowd

Create an image that represents being “a face in the crowd.” Explore silhouettes, shadows, orientation, and other ways to mask your subject. As you hide the defining characteristics of your model, notice which traits continue to stand out. Without facial expression, can you tell how someone is feeling? Without color, does your impression of that person change? If portraits aren’t your thing, get even more creative with your use of shadows, reflections, animals, and patterns to represent a sense of anonymity.
Explore the use of anonymity to express both that which is common to all of us and the uniqueness that stands out even when the most obvious parts of us are hidden. Just as all of us can oscillate between conformity and individualism, allow your photo to do the same.

Manipal streets

Manipal streets (13).jpg

Manipal streets (6).jpg

Sringeri (50)

On the way to N R Pura (24).JPG

Sringeri (49)

Life Song of the Road

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : 2017 Favorites

It is really difficult to choose a favourite photo from the hundreds of photos taken this year. But two photos came to mind as soon as I read what we had to share.

I am in my daughter’s home in Germany. And I have been experiencing snowfall for the first time. Some days ago, early morning I raised the window shutters and saw everything covered with snow. The street lamps were on and their lights shining on the snow changed the place into a magical fairy land. That scene will always be a part of my life.




The Daily Post Photo Challenge : 2017 Favorites

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Transformation

Changes keep happening, in living beings or in non-living things. Some changes are not so noticeable but many a time the transformation is unbelievable. Caterpillars become butterflies, buds become flowers, the young become old, the raw become ripe. They are the same but so very different.

In our place we get very small chillies which we call ‘ Gaandhaari menasu’ in my language. They are small and very spicy. The raw ones are a beautiful green and are transformed into a beautiful red when they become ripe.


The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Transformation




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The Daily Post : Temporary

The sky, the clouds, sunlight, sunrays , the moon and so much in nature are so fascinating. Everything is temporary in life. In the long life of our planet, our own life is so very short and temporary. We are here one day and gone the next. 
The silver lining , temporary and beautiful.

My parents holding hands, my father left us last September.

Life Song of the Road

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Layered

This week, share with us a layered image of your own. The topic is wide open, as long as you focus on the interplay of depth, density, and texture (or just choose one of these elements if you’d like). Strata of clouds, a shirt collar peeking through a sweater, a cross-section of an onion: you can keep your interpretation as literal or as figurative as you wish.

During the festival of Onam, we saw this beautiful Pookalam in front of a house. The layers of flowers and the design touched the heart. That family must have enjoyed themselves.


Layers of petals and the shades of colours 🙂


The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Layered

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The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Ooh Shiny

Like a dog that sees a squirrel and jerks the leash out of its owner’s hand to chase it, I just can’t help but get excited, and 100% sidetracked, by monarchs, swallowtails, frittilaries, hairstreaks. They’re like jewels of the air. They are vibrant, graceful, full of light. And they are goofy as well, wobbling and weaving in their flight in a way that makes me laugh. I photograph them at every opportunity.
What about you: what is guaranteed to distract you? What is your “Ooh, shiny!”?

 CLOUDS , they have always fascinated me. Their beautiful formations are fascinating.

16th August 2017 (6)

19th evening (2)

Manipal lake 2nd August (5)

Manipal lake 2nd August (13)


Manipal lake 13th June (5)

End point 4th

The Daily Post Photo Challenge : Ooh Shiny