The other evening we went for a walk around the lake in our place. The water level has gone down as we have reached the end of our monsoon season. This man-made lake gets water from all around during the months of rainy season. The water reaches the brim in July, then starts decreasing in… Continue reading Changes


It is quite interesting to listen to people talk about the reasoning power of others. It is always about others and not about our reasoning power. Recently somebody was saying, “People just do not use their reasoning power in their beliefs. They blindly believe. The whole world may see something wrong in that source of… Continue reading Reason

Points of View

We went to a music concert yesterday evening. The Hindustani Classical vocalist took us to different world, where there was only music and the emotions it evoked. On our way back I remembered the comments made by my father-in-law on the rendering of a Hindustani classical singer. :)) My father-in-law is 91 and he has… Continue reading Points of View