Thoughts on thoughts

Every morning I do yoga and some other exercises, a good beginning to each new day. It is dark outside when I start and I like to see it getting lighter outside. Soon I hear birds calling out to each other. It is very peaceful. My body is doing the asanas and pranayamas and my… Continue reading Thoughts on thoughts

Skein of thoughts

Bannanje Govindacharya is a great Sanskrit scholar. A few months ago I came to know that his lectures on the Ramayana, The Gita, Mahabharata and on many other interesting topics are available on YouTube. I like listening to them. In one of his lectures on the Ramayana, he speaks about how the epic poem came… Continue reading Skein of thoughts

Our Shadows

Last month I had been to my brother’s place to be with my parents. My mother and I used to go for walks in the evening. It was good to be together and also fascinating to see our shadows going along with us. Shadows have always fascinated me. Looking at them I was reminded of… Continue reading Our Shadows