Travel Theme : Spice

“This time of year is all about spices, from warming mulled wine infused with cinnamon and star anise to clove-studded roasts and gingerbread cookies. So I decided to spice things up with a few spice-inspired photographs. ” Nutmeg 🙂 Ripe black pepper.

Travel Theme : Faces

‘ Faces are endlessly fascinating to photograph, and almost every photograph I’ve taken of a face has surprised me in some unexpected way. ‘ My father-in-law with his grand daughter and great grandson, the expressions on their face is beautiful:) My mother telling a story to her great grandson, his expression of concentration:)

Travel Theme : Luminous

” Are you ready to shed new light on this week’s travel theme? If you would like to join in (everyone’s welcome!)” ” Life is not a series of gig lamps symmetrically arranged; life is a luminous halo, a semi-transparent envelope surrounding us from the beginning of consciousness to the end.” – Virginia Woolf Luminous – Softly… Continue reading Travel Theme : Luminous