Blogging 101: The Commons

Day Eight: Be a Good Neighbor

Publishing posts is just one part of blogging; interacting with the community is the other. You’ve already been following topics and blogs, so let’s take that up a notch with some comments.

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

Hi 🙂

In my Reader, I clicked on Discover link and came across some beautiful posts:) It was good to post my appreciation.

1 )


I read two from recommendations 🙂 It was good to post my appreciation.



Blogging University


2 Replies to “Blogging 101: The Commons”

  1. Hi there! As Derrick said it is lovely to have you popping in to my blog and liking it, but a comment would be better as then I would know WHY you like my blog and we can then have a conversation. That is the best part of the blogging world, the connections you make with other bloggers and the chats you have online. I wish you well in your blog.
    Jude xx

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